Traditional Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Traditional Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses


In this digital age, there will always be circumstances where the traditional and old school will still thrive and shine, marketing strategies included. We have listed some of traditional strategies  that are especially beneficial for small businesses.


Direct Mail Marketing

This is the type of marketing where businesses can communicate directly with customers using text message, emails, websites, catalogs, pamphlets, promotional letters, and outdoor advertising. Direct marketing aims to give emphasis on the message that must reach the customer, gather information from the customers, and to give specific information that will show the accountability of the business. Messages are addressed directly to the audience and this is the main goal of this type of marketing. Information about the customers can be derived from email addresses, mobile numbers, post addresses, and fax numbers. The main goal of direct marketing is to make a customer act based on the message. One effective way to do that is by instilling desire to your product or service to through your message. That way,  the receiver of the message will seek and purchase your business.


Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing is designed to stimulate a customer’s decision that will lead to a buying decision. There are many ways to showcase promotional marketing, and here is a short list to name a few:

-Sampling: Customers gets to try your product or service for free before buying. It may seem dangerous to your profit, but a business owner should always look and focus on the long term effects of this technique. If a customer who tried your samples gets to like, he will eventually buy and become a loyal customer allowing you not to only earn back the money used for your free sample but will get the chance of earning bigger.

-Contests: People always like to win something for free. Contests with catchy prizes attracts potential new clients and awareness.

-Coupons: Coupons still work and gives affordable marketing strategy for small businesses as coupons are still loved by the general public.



One of the most hated technique in traditional marketing, but still remains one of the most effective. A small business should be able to hire someone who can give a different approach in telesales.


Word of Mouth

This traditional marketing technique is always a classic that always stands in effectivity. Small businesses can always rely on the power of word of mouth advertising because the audience are given the assurance that a certain product or service is worth trying and that people has been satisfied beforehand. It is our human future to be curious of something  that may seem interesting or controversial even, and instincts will dictate your brain to give it a try. Once your product or service has been branded to be of great quality or of satisfying result, a relative growth in your customer population is sure to be observed.


Business Cards

Not all businesses today can provide a business card because they think business cards are no longer relevant and important for their marketing considering most transactions are now done online. But, business cards are able to give tangible information about your business to potential clients in a very upfront and literal manner. Business cards are still useful in face to face meetings with clients, social events and gatherings, and business cards can give a sense of sophistication for your business.